In Krakow there were genetically modified pigs

In Krakow there were genetically modified pigsUnique pigs were born in the Polish city of Krakow, thanks to diligence of local scientists. Researchers deduced new generation of pigs by means of which it is possible to achieve the real break in the field of transplantology from Experimental laboratory of animal husbandry of National research institute. The newspaper «Our dzennik» reported about it.

It is known that DNA of a pig for 94 % corresponds to a set of genes of the person. In it monkeys (98 % of coincidence) can compete to pigs only. According to researchers, the animal is capable to solve a problem of a liver transplantation, kidneys, heart valves, joints and other bodies with the genes most similar to the person. And the pigs who born in Poland – one more step on this way.

The Polish pigs, unlike their ordinary relatives, have a special combination of two genes which reduce an immune barrier between a pig and the person. This achievement approaches scientists to creation of such species of pigs from which it will be possible to receive a "ready" donor material for people. «The liver transplantation, hearts and kidneys is connected with the increased risk of rejection. Therefore further work on receiving pigs with a set of the genes reducing an immune barrier» is necessary, – professor Zdislav Smorong explained. Scientists foretell that in the short term the patient with a serious poisoning which because of it very quickly has a liver destruction, can be connected" to a liver of a pig that will give to doctors time for treatment continuation. In the future, according to the experts, genetically modified pigs will give the chance to reduce turns by transplantation essentially.

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