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I do not want striped or How to get rid of extensions

I do not want striped or How to get rid of extensionsExtensions on skin give troubles to many women. Especially that who became recently a mother. No, they do not hurt and do not put harm to health, but from the point of view of an esthetics can quite become the cause for a female depression. The Internet and glossy female magazines dazzle with various councils in this respect therefore came it is time to find out how to get rid of extensions, without resorting to serious surgical interventions.

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Горчица. На страже здоровья, И. П. Неумывакин » Библиотека книг upcnedra В очередной книге профессора И.П.Неумывакина рассказывается о лечебном использовании горчицы - растения, известного и применяемого в оздоровительных целях с глубокой древности. Приводятся рецепт