Delicate problem: how to treat hemorrhoids

Delicate problem: how to treat hemorrhoids

There is a category of diseases about which we hesitate to tell not only to doctors, but even to close relatives. To their number hemorrhoids belong also. According to the statistics data of, every fourth adult Russian suffers from this disease. And, recently this «a delicate illness» considerably looked younger. And if 20 years ago it was the professional diagnosis of drivers-truckers, today a half of office workers has it, since 25 years. Therefore it is necessary to understand how to treat hemorrhoids.

Ways of treatment of hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids treatment in each case, depending on its form (sharp or chronic) and stages, can appoint only the doctor-proctologist.

Sharp hemorrhoids, which develops suddenly (after a hard physical activity or errors in a diet) treat symptomatic. To knocking over of pain apply various ointments, gels or candles (for example, lidocaine, ультрапрокт, benzocaine) If it does not help, in the conditions of a hospital the doctor can execute novokainovy blockade of back pass. If the reason of pains is the anal crack, appoint difficult analgetics (спазмалгон, баралгин, a plaster with nitroglycerine, etc.)

For fight against bleedings appoint courses of injections of styptic preparations (intramuscularly or intravenously).

At treatment of chronic hemorrhoids apply the complex therapy directed on correction of a food, anesthesia, improvement of a tone of veins and observance of rules of personal hygiene.

For strengthening of a venous tone appoint such preparations as детралекс, гливенол, эндотелон, etc.

For anesthesia in the conditions of a hospital use the Krinus device – analog of phytoice which traditionally treated hemorrhoids. Krinus is made of plastic. Thanks to the form it is easily entered into an anus, and ice is in the capacity which is slowing down its thawing. The device, at the expense of it ice does not contact directly to intestines walls, so, there will be no holodovy burn.

When passes an aggravation of chronic process and bleeding stop, are recommended to apply sedentary baths with infusions of herbs. For this purpose it is possible to use or the ready protivogemorroidalny collecting which is on sale in drugstores, or independently to prepare infusion from a grass of the mountaineer pochechuyny. To prepare such infusion easy: 1ст.л. herbs to fill in with 1 glass of boiled water and to insist in a thermos within an hour. Then to add in water for a bathroom that the temperature was 36-37 degrees.

One more of modern methods of treatment of hemorrhoids is an imposing of latex rings on gemorroidalny knots. Approximately in 10 days after carrying out this simple procedure the gemorroidalny knot is mummified and disappears. A small wound which remains after on its place, simply take in.

As alternative method of treatment sclerotherapy serves: introduction in gemorroidalny knot of 5 % of solution of phenol in peach oil that involves an oporozhneniye, pasting and rejection of gemorroidalny knot.

(Gemorroidektomiya – to surgical removal of knots of hemorrhoids) resort to radical operative treatment only if conservative treatment did not give desirable results. But, unfortunately, even this method does not guarantee that over time there will be no new gemorroidalny knot.

Prevention measures

In the light of told above, special value in treatment of hemorrhoids prevention of its emergence has.

If you are on sedentary work for 6-7 hours in day, already are in group of risk. Therefore try to do breaks, move more and carry out simple physical exercises.

Do not abuse fat, spicy, sharp products and alcohol.

Try to take more often baths – they promote microblood circulation in a rectum and by that reduce risk of development of hemorrhoids.

Pay attention to personal hygiene after a defekatsiya: toilet paper should be soft and quality, and after each act of a defekatsiya the toilet of back pass is necessary.

Do not allow emergence of locks which lead to formation of anal cracks. (For this purpose include in a diet fresh fruit, porridges, the vegetables rich with cellulose and drink in day not less 2л waters).

Remember that systematic overcooling also leads to violation of blood circulation of a rectum therefore try to put on always on weather and be not engaged in an extreme hardening.

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