Project «Zemsky doctor»: on the village with one million

Project «Zemsky doctor»: on the village with one millionSpeaking at the next meeting of Presidium of the Government of the Russian Federation, Minister Tatyana Golikova told about the program of support of young doctors which are ready to work in rural areas. Within this undertaking since 2012 to each young specialist, wished to work at the village, it will be allocated 1 million rubles elevating. It was declared that the experts who have moved to rural areas in 2011 and 2012 can take part in the program.

Doctors – on the village! The beginning of implementation of the federal project «Zemsky doctor» was declared at interregional conference in Cherepovets by the United Russia party leader and the newly elected President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. The program is urged to employ doctors in rural areas where the acute shortage of shots today is observed. Rural hospitals "are completed" by physicians at most half, and middle age of employees makes 46-50 years. Young specialists here do not hurry, preferring to change cardinally a profession if it did not turn out to get job in city institution, instead of to move to the village. Many are confused by low wages, lack of housing, others are afraid to lose qualification. In this regard, even in that case when the small regional clinic receives money for purchase of the equipment or modern equipment from the state, the last all the same stands idle idle as there are no the professionals able with it to address. Within the federal project «Zemsky doctor» it is supposed to allocate 1 million rubles elevating to any young physician till 35 years, ready to go to work for the village under condition of the conclusion of the contract with the employer for 5 years. Money of the doctor can spend at the personal discretion. The expert is free to buy housing or to solve by means of the grant any other household problems. If the medical worker leaves a place of work of earlier established five years’ term, it should return a part of money to the budget.

Population reaction. Regions apprehended the offer of the authorities with obvious enthusiasm. The head of Karelia Andrey Nelidov signed the relevant resolution of the government of the republic in February. Rustem Hamitov supported the decree «About measures of the state support of personnel capacity of institutions of health care of the Republic of Bashkortostan, located in rural areas» at all in the autumn of 2011. Here graduates of medical schools, agreed to work in rural areas or already working there, besides one million, will receive a regional grant at a rate of hundred thousand rubles. «AIF in Eastern Siberia» reports, as in this district in the project extremely became interested. The edition quotes the student of the 5th course of medical faculty of IGMU Evgenia Efanova who wants to return right after the termination of university to the native settlement in the Chunsky area:« I was going to come back home at once, and now when learned about the project «Zemsky doctor», my decision only was fixed. And business at all in money (though they, of course, superfluous will not be), would be desirable to get hand in. According to the senior colleagues, to what you will learn in city hospital in 5 years, in "rayonka" it is possible to master for half a year». According to Tatyana Golikova, at present most actively according to the program of support of young doctors five regions work. «It is Krasnodar Krai (41 doctor), the Republic of Bashkortostan (215 doctors), the Tyumen region (69 doctors), the Republic Altai (40 doctors) and Altai Krai (63 doctors)», – the Minister with the reservation specified that demands are staticized as of every evening, and almost every day there is a transfer of new money.

Further – it is more. Many young specialists, having politely thanked the state for the provided one million, said that money nevertheless is not for them sufficient incentive to moving to the village. Doctors pointed to need of federal support for area of acquisition of housing and the land lots on the village. Having thought over it, the Ministry of Public Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation made the decision on additional payments to medical and pharmaceutical employees of the federal organizations of the health care, living in the rural areas, the housing-and-municipal services connected with payment. In the next resolution two points in this regard were added: the monthly grant at a rate of 1,2 thousand roubles for working doctors and single, about 60 thousand rubles, for those who held a medical post throughout the entire period from January 1, 2005 to January 1, 2012 then moved or the kind of activity replaced.

Figures. As the AMI-TASS reports referring to a site of the Ministry of Public Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation, all in 2012 on implementation of the program «Zemsky doctor» financial appropriation of 2,575 billion rubles is provided. On monthly monetary payments – 474,84 million rubles. On single monetary payments – 2,101 billion rubles. The Ministry of Public Health and Social Development of Russia on the specified payments is provided by 87,941 million rubles.

On a photo: Pushkin local hospital (the village of Pushkino of the Tver region), based at the tsar in the 1880th years as zemsky hospital (the barrack for employees since then remained). Reception of peasants with 8.00 till 10.00 (a photo:

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