Than the fake of the medical book threatens?

Than the fake of the medical book threatens?The medical book is a peculiar analog of the passport of the person in health system. Existence of the document says that his owner is healthy and can work in establishments and at the enterprises demanding special observance of sanitary standards. The medical book comprises history of the passable inspections, the handed-over analyses and the made inoculations. All medical books issued by an official way, have some extents of protection. One of the main conditions of authenticity of "crust" is the holographic sticker which has a mark about training passing, and also the personal photo of the owner. Registration number of the sanitary book is not less important.

To whom is the medical book necessary? First of all, this document is made out for workers of the sphere of a food, experts in the field of production and realization of every possible products (that is dealers of food shops). The second group includes employees of child care facilities. Any tutor, the teacher or the psychologist who has taken a vacant place in kindergarten, should show to the head the medical book. The same duty lies and on school teachers and teachers of higher education institutions. And, at last, experts of the sphere of household services also should prepare the marked document (employees of hairdressing salons and manikyurny salons, beauty salons, hotels, conductors of trains etc. mean). By itself, this fate and medics does not pass.

Fake. Unfortunately, now the large quantity of unfair offices is engaged in forgery, including medical books. The ball comes to the player: in a modern city rhythm nobody would like to defend long turns at medical offices, long to wait for results of analyses and to listen to tiresome lectures on safety measures. Everyone wants to close a question of documents as soon as possible and easily finds that looks for. Crust registration in the "underground" organization occurs in 1 day, often without delivery of analyses and visit of doctors. Quite often the order is carried out online, and the person needs to take away the ready book from the courier only. But whether it is safe to make such purchases?

Criminal code. Article 327 of the criminal code of Russian Federation provides the criminal liability coming under condition of a fake of the medical book. The third point of article says:

  • «Use of obviously false document is punished by a penalty at the rate to eighty thousand rubles or at a rate of a salary or other income condemned for the period about six months, or obligatory works for the term up to four hundred eighty hours, or corrective works for the term up to two years, or arrest for the term up to six months».

In other words, punishment of different severity can threaten the owner of the counterfeit book: from a large penalty before imprisonment (for the term of no more than two years). Law enforcement agencies quite often arrange raids on detection of false documents so to get on it not too difficult. Let’s note that in case the person works in that sphere where existence of the medical book – a necessary working condition, its absence also can lead to dismissal or application of penalties, depending on consequences of similar negligence.

Examples from life. In 2011 for use of the counterfeit medical book condemned the inhabitant of Barnaul. In August, 2010 the defendant got at the unstated person illegally for 500 rubles the medical personal book in which doubtful data on passing of medical and hygienic training and survey were brought. The woman showed the forged document at employment in large food shop. In a type of that earlier it was not involved in criminal liability, it managed to get off with a penalty in 6 thousand rubles. Rather terrible case occurred in one of the cities of Russia where the teacher of technical training college was sick with tuberculosis. The teacher suppressed this fact from the administration, forging a stamp of medical commission. After the next check these violations were revealed, and the teacher discharged of work. The teacher was placed in a clinic for compulsory treatment.

Remember: a fake of the medical book it not an administrative offense, and a criminal offense which involves the corresponding responsibility.

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