Competition «The cleverest!»

Competition «The cleverest!»We bring to your attention a new interesting crossword puzzle. Answers on previous and names of winners here.

Make a keyword of the allocated cages and send in the personal message (for this purpose it is necessary to be registered on a site).

Edition will carry out draw among those who sent the first the correct keyword, and will hand over to three winners the gift certificate for 500 rubles from boutique "L’etual" or "Yves Rocher" (at your choice). Did not win from the first? Be not upset: now on a portal HONEY info will regularly wait for you a new crossword puzzle!

On November 21 – the last day when answers to this crossword puzzle are accepted.

1. Life in need.
2. Style of swimming.
3. Draws the nature.
4. Useful red wild and garden berry.
5. An interior of the person which usually feels the wrong.
6. A herb with yellow florets.

1. A subject in rhythmic gymnastics.
2. Shakespeare’s black character.
3. Anna Karenina’s beloved.
4. Name of the well-known dancer, wife of the Russian poet of a silver age.
5. A subject for moss exercises in gymnastics.
6. Young athlete.

Good luck!

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