Chukotka and Chelyabinsk region violate the law on health protection of children

Chukotka and Chelyabinsk region violate the law on health protection of childrenThe official site of the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation reported at once about several large checks of performance of the legislation on protection of life and health of minors during which considerable violations of a letter of the law were revealed.

In Chelyabinsk region, for example, checked a condition of children’s game and sports grounds. As it appeared, they at all do not correspond to standards of safety. «Practically requirements of the state standards providing an order of the contents and technical operation of playgrounds, the houses located in adjacent territories and educational institutions were everywhere broken», – the prosecutor’s office of Chelyabinsk region reports. On the deformed metal swing here the top hinges everywhere are faulty, constructions are worn-out and are in an emergency condition. On the wooden game equipment there are teases, chips, отщепы. In designs the protected details because of which children can at any time are found can be traumatized by nothing: the sticking-out nails, the raw metal parts. Roundabouts tilted and have a tilt angle of more admissible. Nobody watches a condition of platforms.

In Churilovo’s settlement other problem – here does not suffice capacity of the boiler room unique all around to provide normal level of heat in kindergarten of the combined look No. 44. Measurements of parameters of a microclimate in premises of this institution fixed air temperature below admissible norms approximately on 3 degrees. The manager of a kindergarten considers that «for March it is not critical» though recognizes that problems with heating began with the moment of opening of a garden and constantly displeased parents.

At this time the prosecutor’s office of the Iultinsky area of the Chukchi autonomous region also revealed violations of the legislation on health protection of children, connected by that to 60 small patients inoculations without a consent of parents were made. Existence at children of contra-indications to entered vaccines was not checked. Unauthorized inoculations made to kids in pediatric office of regional hospital, professional school No. 4, the Center of formation of the village of Amguem, kindergarten "Alyonushka", high comprehensive school, local hospital of the village of Amguem and special general educational boarding school of the settlement of Egvekinoti. Four medical workers in this regard are already involved in a disciplinary responsibility.

On all other facts of the revealed violations of the law prosecutors of the cities and areas also took measures of operative reaction.

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