Carefully: rage

Carefully: rageAnnually around the world 12 million people suffer from stings of aggressive dogs. Especially it is necessary to be to careful old men and children at whom dog stings can have very serious consequences. And if besides the dog was rabid (that quite often meets among stray dogs), at a sting the virus on nervous trunks gets to a brain and can already cause by 10th day rapid development of an illness in the person. In case the sting is the share of a body and feet – the incubatory period can take 1-3 months.

If you were bitten by a vagrant dog, it is necessary to address to the doctor and to inoculate against rage (modern vaccines are entered 7-10 times in the form of hypodermic injections, but in any way 40 as was in Soviet period!).

Symptoms of rage at a dog: a slyunotecheniye, violation of gait, water – and a photophobia.

At people the disease proceeds in 3 stages.
Initial stage. Duration: 1-3 days. It is characterized by temperature increase to 37,3 °C, a depression, sleeplessness, uneasy behavior. The person continues to feel pain in a sting place, even after the wound "was tightened".

Stage of a heat of an illness. Duration: 1-4 days. It is characterized by hypersensibility to external irritants: to bright light, sounds, the slightest noise is caused by spasms of muscles of extremities. There is a hydrophobia and fear of stay in the open air. There is an aggression, hallucinations, sensation of fear.

Stage of paralyses. Duration: from 5 to 10 days there Comes paralysis of eye muscles and the bottom extremities. Heavy paralytic disorders of breath lead to a lethal outcome.

First aid at a sting of a dog (a fox, a polecat, etc. animals carriers of a virus of rage):

  • if bleeding not so strong, do not hurry up at once it to stop: with blood from a wound the saliva of an animal with the viruses introduced with it and bacteria is washed away, so, danger of suppuration and even infection with rage decreases;
  • at first wash out a sting place any disinfectant solution: 3 % the hydrogen peroxide, the soap dissolved in water (it is better economic), or brilliant green;
  • then process leather round a wound of 5 % iodine tincture to clear it of an infection (the microorganisms living on an integument, can cause suppuration, having got to a wound);
  • cover a wound with a special bactericidal film or a plaster and apply a sterile bandage;
  • as soon as possible address in fracture clinic or the next policlinic since even if you were bitten by the imparted dog, without special surgical processing the wound will long heal, and rough hems can remain on all life.

Pay attention: alcohol, iodine and cologne cannot be used when washing wound since they burn naked fabrics, and the wound will heal more long.

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