Canadians invented footwear on a heel with adjustable height

Canadians invented footwear on a heel with adjustable heightTo relieve women of the inconveniences connected with long carrying of shoes on a hairpin – such task two listeners of School of interactive arts and technology put before themselves at Simon Freyzera’s University in the province British Columbia. They developed footwear with a heel which height can change within about 10 centimeters. Thus, women do not need to worry more about keeping around a superfluous pair of shoes. Besides, under a heel of wonderful shoes the special sensor which gives a signal in some hours is built in, reminding that it is time to reduce heel height that feet were not tired.

«All women love shoes on hairpins, however, as show the researches carried out by us, to carry them more than 2 hours tiresomely, – explained in interview to the newspaper «Vancouver a dignity» one of developers of a novelty Nasim Dzhakhangiri. – Therefore we offer a design in which possibility of decrease in height of a heel» is provided. According to the second developer – Pantea Shakhsavanti – the prototype is almost ready, but still it is necessary to work over durability of a design of a heel. «We, of course, will show it but while to carry this pair long time is not reasonable – it is possible to damage a design», – it explained.

Hairpins – «стилетто» became fashionable in the 1950-1960th years when there were new lungs and strong materials. As one of the best-known masters of this period by right consider Manolo Blahnik under which skillful hands «стилетто», emphasizing grace and feminity of those who carried them, turned into the real works of art.

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