British consider necessary to specify on drugs their suitability for vegetarians

British consider necessary to specify on drugs their suitability for vegetariansThe group of experts of Great Britain suggested the pharmaceutical companies to mark medicines as suitable or not suitable for vegetarians, reports BBC.

Physicians from the Royal clinic of Manchester (Manchester Royal Infirmary) came to a conclusion that many people who are not using in food products of an animal origin, take the pills containing those, and do not know about it.

Poll of 500 patients of a clinic showed that about 200 people do not eat meat for religious or ethical reasons. And more than 80 % from them would like to have possibility to know about the contents in preparations of animal products. About, whether there corresponds a concrete preparation accepted by them to their outlook, asked, however, only 20 % of patients.

Components of an animal origin, in particular, are the excipients which are a part of medicine. For example, the gelatin containing in capsular forms фармпрепаратов, is made of a connecting fabric of animals.

Thus, authors of research work, consider necessary the instruction on packing of drugs existence or absence of the maintenance of products of an animal origin in them, considering that such information will positively affect loyalty of the patient to therapy carried out to it.

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