Mans PMS

Mans PMSPMS or a premenstrual syndrome – the phenomenon well-known to a weak half of mankind. If to speak scientifically, it is the difficult cyclic simptomokompleks arising at some women in premenstrual days (in 2-10 days prior to periods) and being characterized psychoemotional, vegeto-vascular and exchange and endocrine violations which, in turn, negatively affect a way of life habitual for the woman. PMS is connected with hormonal changes which occur during a menstrual cycle. As гипоталамус, a hypophysis, a thyroid gland, adrenal glands and yaichnik work at this time together for development of an ovum and prepare an organism for possible pregnancy, they send chemical signals each other and to other organism. These signals – in the form of hormones and chemicals of a brain, neuromediators – can influence mood, energy level, of ability clearly to think, liquid level in an organism, weight and perception of pain.

Prevalence and manifestations. Frequency of a premenstrual syndrome completely depends on age of the woman: than is more senior – that frequency more. As a whole, it fluctuates from 25 to 90 %. At the age from 19 till 29 years of PMS it is observed at 20 % of girls, after 30 years the syndrome meets approximately at every second. After 40 years frequency reaches 55 %. The clinical picture of a premenstrual syndrome is characterized by symptomatic variety. It includes:

  • psychoemotional symptoms (for example, irritability, depression, tearfulness);
  • symptoms of vegeto-vascular disorders (headache, nausea, vomiting, heartaches);
  • the symptoms reflecting exchange and endocrine violations (a nagrubaniye of mammary glands, hypostases, an itch, body temperature increase).

Man’s PMS. In 2012 the Ukrainian psychologists unexpectedly came to a conclusion that men because of strong dependence on mood of the women, too suffer from PMS. In other words, as soon as the menstrual cycle spoils mood it to the companion, the man right there is depressed. Symptoms at the lady and her boy friend are thus almost identical. Men get to group of risk after 40 years. Psychologists consider that the main method of fight against bad mood of the spouse – increase in its organism of level of proteins and carbohydrates. In this regard experts advise plentifully to feed up the become sad getter bananas and chocolate. And, certainly, it is necessary to lift in every possible way self-image of "hero" in the field of the sexual relations. Not absolutely it is clear, how the woman, and without that being in bad mood and having problems with zdorovey in connection with own PMS, can carry out instructions of the Ukrainian psychologists (especially to prove a sexual solvency of the elect), but to professionals is more visible. By the way, participating male of research disagreed with conclusions of scientific husbands. They are inclined to explain differences of the mood professional employment. Meanwhile, some doctors already thought up new designation for a man’s problem – SMR or a syndrome of man’s irritability. Physicians write off a storm in a teacup on testosterone "games" which level in an organism changes from time to time.

Full harmony. It is obvious that the subject of peculiar "fine tuning" of a man’s organism mentioned by the Ukrainian psychologists under biological rhythms female, assumes close contact of two representatives of an opposite sex. When there comes the moment of «a full consent» between them? A few years ago the British scientists carried out large-scale poll with participation more than 4 thousand people who are married, and found out that full harmony in matrimonial life comes exactly in 2 years of 11 months and 8 days after wedding. Are happiest with matrimonial life there were pairs to which still had some days till third anniversary of marriage. To this term of the spouse finally get used to each other and to habits of the partner which caused earlier irritation, their sexual life becomes harmonious, there are far-reaching plans for the future, and organisms are as much as possible arranged the friend under the friend.

Man’s climax. Let’s remind that in recent years to men "attributed" not only purely female up to this point PMS problem, but also climax existence. Many doctors note manifestation of the semiology which is finding in women in a menopause, at male patients. Emergence of such age problems experts connect with decrease at the last contents in blood of hormones of androgens (testosterone). The guest of our portal, the doctor of medical sciences, the urologist, professor Oleg Borisovich Laurent tells:« Man’s climax as I already repeatedly spoke, this very beautiful and offensive definition for men. It is the age or acquired insufficiency of testosterone. Testosterone call the king of hormones and a hormone of kings. By its level is defined both social, and intellectual, intellectual, activity of the man. For the known social reasons of the man move a little, go in for sports a little. During former time sports were the main occupation of my contemporaries, today it replaced with night clubs, parties (forgive for a vulgarizm), an inactive way of life, improper feeding, addictions, beer. Young men even more often meet excess weight. All this leads to development of a so-called metabolic syndrome which conducts and to an arterial hypertension, both to diabetes, and to insufficiency of testosterone» (the full version of interview>>).

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