In Israel allowed to celebrate birthdays on blood donor centers

In Israel allowed to celebrate birthdays on blood donor centersThe inhabitant of Israel used new service of donor service and celebrated the birthday on point of delivery of blood, having asked the friends to hand over as a gift the blood, writes The Jerusalem Post.

Due to the sharp falling of quantity wishing to endow the blood for donorship in Israel, the local skoropomoshchny service decided to popularize this action, having allowed to organize celebration of days of births on points of delivery of blood, and also offering brigade departure for a blood capture on the house.

The birthday woman, Joyce Fishler (Joyce Fischler) from Tel Aviv, became one of the first who used new service. In the 32й birthday she invited the more than 30 friends to blood donor center, having asked to hand over as a gift blood for the needing.

At present Israel test an acute shortage in donors. In 2011 the blood less than 250 thousand people offered.

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