From the boy – in the girl and back

From the boy – in the girl and backIn article «Whom sexless children» we will grow discussed a problem of families which decide to bring up the kids free from gender stereotypes. For such parents the physiological sex of the child is absolutely unimportant, and they try to provide to the child a full freedom of choice of clothes, toys and behavior tactics. The fashion on "gender and neutral" children appeared relatively recently, therefore data on how such children at teenage and mature age while is not present feel. However our edition came across one very interesting story connected with attempt of violent change of a floor to the newborn kid. It is a question about contradicting any laws of ethics experiment of psychologist John Manya.

In 1965 in the Canadian Winnipeg the twin boys one of which named Bruce Reymer were born. At the age of eight months the baby underwent trimming procedure for the reason фимоза. Because of a mistake of the surgeon performing operation by means of cauterization by the device not intended for this purpose, at the kid the penis was irreparably injured. Psychologist John Manya from John Hopkins’s university in Baltimore (USA) to which parents of the injured child addressed for council, advised them a "simple" exit from a difficult situation: to bring up the boy as the girl, time all the same it is not fated to become it the man. According to the expert, it was obvious that when the young man will grow, he by all means will start to feel complexes concerning the man’s insolvency. Actually the "mercenary" scientist intended to confirm the old hypothesis about plasticity of the sexual and gender identity, arguing that they are influenced by sexual socialization of children and that within a certain early period of development it is possible to bring up the boy as the girl or on the contrary. In other words, John Manya tried to prove that a floor – purely social phenomenon, and not so physiological. To the psychologist it was extremely unprofitable to miss such opportunity for carrying out not the most ethic experiment.

Anyway, at the age of 22 months Bruce began to bring up with the corresponding gormonoterapiya as the girl by name of Brenda. John Manya argued that "artificially created" girl grew the simply remarkable: womanly, constraining, attractive, liking to cook and to communicate with children. In the reports the psychologist compared it to the rough, maskulinny brother and was sure – the gender is won, and its theory is completely proved. The scientific community believed the unfortunate doctor and recognized results of his shocking experiment. John Manya reached peak of career and received absolute trust from surgeons, psychiatrists, pediatrists and even feminists.

Gender disforiya. Unfortunately, only in 1996 biologist Milton Daymond could refute Manya’s theory, open the truth about stories with Bruce Reymer and by that to destroy reputation of the psychologist. In 1997 on TV screens (in Oprah Winfrey show and other transfers) started to appear and the Reymer who has passed a series of tests, proved that he is a man. At that time him already called Devid, instead of the Brand. As it appeared, native and teachers "experimental" always noted typically boyish behavior and the displaced perception at the child. That to parents was necessary to store a secret about a true field Brands, they had the strongest stress. As a result, at mother suicide bents were observed, the father became an alcoholic, and the twin brother constantly stayed in a depression. Reymer also always felt «a boy in a skirt», he did not like to wear a dress, to play dolls and to communicate with girls. He preferred to misbehave and quite often entered fights. At teenage age at "girl" the voice started to break, the neck became much thicker, the humeral belt because of what it became object of sneers from contemporaries (it actively developed teased «the cave person», "freak" and "it"). The estrogen did not help even, which to it gave to stimulate breast growth. All this led to the deepest depression. So, reports of the psychologist liars, the experimental boy obviously suffered a gender disforiya, that is could not accept completely the status of the woman and tested a sharp dissatisfaction of.

Short happiness. In 14 years of the Brand on own initiative ceased to visit doctor Manya, began to wear men’s wear, shortly cut hair. The girl flatly refused operation during which to it should create female genitals. Three attempts of suicide, last of which (as a result of overdose of tablets) ended for Reymer a coma, convinced parents that it is necessary to open to the son the truth.« I was released! At last all that I felt, was filled with sense», – the young man remembered. It was shocked and was going to go to hospital to shoot the surgeon who injured his penis. There was a hypothesis that the doctor was bribed by Manya’s psychologist and specially performed operation not properly, having crippled only one of twins (whereas the fimozy both suffered), however direct proofs to that were not. After a while Reymer calmed down, took a new name – Devid, passed a therapy course from a depression and decided on operation on reconstruction of man’s genitals. He could conduct normal sexual life, but have children to the young man it was not fated. He married the woman with 3 kids from last marriages. However, unfortunately, as Devid did not keep, it did not manage to get off up to the end depressions and a gender disforiya. Because of it in its new family the dissonance and quarrels were frequent guests. In 2002 wife Reymera – Jane – suggested it to live separately. The family broke up, Devid lost work and, soon after that, committed suicide. Reymer was 38 years old.

In 2001 there was a book of the winner of the Pulitzer Prize of John Kalapinto «Such it the nature made: the boy whom grew up as the girl», it is realistic Devida Reymera stating history.

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