How to give up smoking?

How to give up smoking?A few years ago serving districts Marikop (State of Arizona) were indignant with the new requirement of department for health protection which compelled them to hand over saliva samples for detection of the content of nicotine in it. Employees argued that this procedure – invasion into private life. In their opinion, it could be used for obtaining versatile confidential information about health. The described test was intended for identification of smokers among insured persons. Workers who refused to pass it, received higher insurance medical fees while owners of negative dough for tobacco smoking were awarded by an extra charge at a rate of 480 dollars as punishment. By itself, smokers, and the people who do not have dependences preferred to abstain from dough, were ready to undergo procedure for the sake of monetary encouragement. The department of health protection explained the actions by aspiration to focus workers on fight against an addiction. Probably, how to give up smoking, you reflected also.

It seems to many smokers that they well know degree of the dependence on the nicotine, however similar self-confidence seldom happens justifiable. According to researches, the majority of the people subject to an addiction, are not capable to estimate objectively, how strongly they conceived a liking for tobacco. Meanwhile, at the expressed dependence refusal of smoking actually inevitably is connected with a syndrome of cancellation and a nicotinic abstinentsiya. To overcome these conditions alone, without the aid of the expert, happens very difficult. It is possible, for this reason the large number of smokers cannot effectively say goodbye to a cigaret.

We bring to your attention a questionnaire of the Swedish doctor Charles Fagerstrom «Degree of nicotinic dependence» which defines communication between an individual point and weight of manifestation of an abstinentny syndrome. The more points you receive, the it will be more difficult to refuse an addiction and the more truly you should use for this purpose special adaptations (like a nicotinic plaster) or the help of doctors. However to answer questions it is necessary honest, differently the result will appear is useless. The quantity of points is specified in brackets opposite to each version of the answer.

Through what time after awakening you begin to smoke the first cigaret?

  • Within the first 5 minutes (3)
  • From 6 to 30 minutes (2)
  • From 31 to 60 minutes (1)
  • More than an hour (0)

Whether it is difficult to you to abstain from smoking in places where smoking is forbidden (at theater, in the plane, at meeting, at university etc.)?

  • Yes (1)
  • Is not present (0)

During the day it is most difficult to you to refuse what cigaret?

  • From the first (1)
  • From the second (0)

How many cigarets you smoke during the day?

  • 10 or less than (0)
  • From 11 to 20 (1)
  • From 21 to 30 (2)
  • 31 and more than (3)

Whether you smoke more in the first half of day (morning), than in the second?

  • Yes (1)
  • Is not present (2)

Whether you when you are sick and compelled to observe a confinement to bed throughout the day continue to smoke?

  • Yes (1)
  • Is not present (0)

Results speak about degree of nicotinic dependence and are estimated as follows:

  • 0-2 points – minimum
  • 3-4 points – insignificant
  • 5 points – average
  • 6-7 points – high
  • 8-10 points – excessively high

If the result of dough exceeded 4 points to finish a habit, to the smoker, most likely, it is necessary not only to want it, but also to resort to medicamentous therapy of nicotinic dependence. For example, to nikotinozamestitelny therapy (NZT). The principle of a NZT method consists in nicotine replacement from cigarets nicotine from various medicinal forms. It allows to prevent or minimize expressiveness of symptoms of cancellation at the termination of smoking and to increase chance of successful refusal. In our country are registered Farmkomitetom and such preparations of this group as are allowed to free sale: nikotinsoderzhashchy chewing gum, inhaler, nazalny spray and plaster.

If the person gathered less than 4 points after questionnaire passing, the forecast of disposal of smoking for it will be favorable. Most likely, refuse a cigaret it can without medicamentous means (if will not begin to postpone a decisive step "for tomorrow"), however it is impossible to forget that the best remedy for tobacco dependence is a will power and big desire to throw.

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