The head of WHO declared the end of an era of antibiotics

The head of WHO declared the end of an era of antibioticsAntibacterial preparations become useless in connection with resistance of bacteria. The medicine enters in «post-антибиотиковую an era», the head of WHO Margaret Chen at conference in Denmark declared, writes The Telegraph.

The arms of doctors leave recently irreplaceable preparations of "first row" because they more do not render the necessary effect. Other, applied antibiotics are more rare, also will shortly lose the medical properties. The invasive medical procedures, which carrying out it was traditionally accompanied by preventive reception of antibiotics, now become very dangerous. By words Chen, tuberculosis or malaria already now almost nothing to treat. And banal grazes or scratches, or even quinsy, again can become mortally dangerous, as during an era to the invention of antibacterial means.

Cost of new antibiotics everything increases, as well as duration of a course of their reception. Long application of antibiotics or a choice of more rare and more toxic preparations, it is necessary to carry out in a hospital that in addition affects treatment cost, if not for the patient, for the state. According to WHO, at the infections steady against the majority of antibiotics, mortality of patients increases in one and a half time.

Chen considers as the reason of such catastrophic situation long history of the wrong application of antibacterial preparations. In particular, without appointment of the doctor or in cases when it was not necessary, or during too long time.

The head of World Health Organization considers the developed situation as "the end of medicine known to us», and urges the world governments to study a problem of stability of bacteria to antibiotics and possible ways of its decision.

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