Snack on 100 calories

Snack on 100 caloriesOutside the first of March: the long-awaited spring came. Probably, behind a window while all as snowy and cold, but in soul at everyone already is sung by birds and violets blossom. Not far off the holiday season, and any woman in this regard dreams to shape up on the eve of a trip on a solar beach. To a course there are physical exercises, the diets, special gymnastics – everything that promises the lady more or less fast result on achievement of symmetry. However to struggle with ubiquitous feeling of hunger all as it is difficult, as well as always. Still it would be desirable to have a bite in the evening or to eat «something tasty» in the middle of day. A secret that such food should be not simply "usual", and at least "special", differently it does not deliver you pleasure, and after a while it is necessary to chew the first roll again.

We prepared the list of amazing snack which comprise no more than 100 C for fine ladies. Such перекус will satisfy hunger, will please an eye and, moreover, becomes useful "additive" for health. And the most important – these dishes will not injure your waist. So, we will begin with the simplest …

14 almond nuts are an ideal option for short перекуса on a workplace. It is much more useful than the next smoke break and will enrich your organism of 24 mg. vitamin E. Nuts are rich with cellulose and protein which will help to cope with hunger. Do not love almonds? It doesn’t matter – take pistachios. They can be eaten whole 20, having received thus only 80 C. At all do not love nuts? Well, replace them with a delicacy more simply, for example, six sticks of salty straws. Certainly, and advantage will be much less, but it is possible to gnaw long, and calories "will earn" as much.

Baked apple – option of refined snack, vitamin-rich. To prepare it it is possible in the ordinary microwave oven or in an oven. Sahara to add, certainly, does not follow, and here slightly to strew fruit with cinnamon – only on advantage. The fragrant dessert will cheer up to any.

Fruit смузи. If the girl is the happy owner of a mixer or a blender, it can please herself with one more most tasty delicacy. Its preparation needs one-two thirds of a jar fat-free bio – yogurt to mix from handfuls of the frozen berries (bilberry, a currant, raspberry, strawberry – on a choice) and carefully to shake up. For fans of extreme cooking we can recommend to add in a mix a little ice. Such dessert dense and cold, you cannot drink it too quickly, so, will feel pleasant saturation earlier, than the new portion is required.

Apple with nut oil. Sweet paste which it is possible to smear easily on bread, invented in America in 1903. And it was made by the doctor for the sake of rescue of the patients needing a high-calorie food of not animal origin. The mix was prepared from the fried peanut which so strongly crushed (houses in a blender of it to achieve it will not turn out) that it turned into the most delicate homogeneous mix. As natural fat containing in nuts does not harden and does not stiffen (even in the refrigerator), the weight could be displayed quietly on jars, and then to smear on toasts and rolls. Over time, so began to crush not only a peanut, but also a filbert, almonds or pistachios. You too love fragrant oil, but consider it as absolutely unacceptable product for a dietary food? Scientists spoke more than once – a ban only harms to mentality, and at all does not help to grow thin. Safely take a jar of nut oil from the refrigerator (if will find in shop, it is best of all peanut as it salty) and separate 2 tablespoons not to be overzealous. Cut 6-7 small segments of apple and with a thin layer smear on them honest dosed out paste. The pleasant dessert is ready.

Many-sided yogurt. The list of dietary recipes in which it is mentioned fat-free bio – yogurt, is really infinite. There is a sour-milk product simply so not to everyone to taste, and here if to add in the fat-free weight a honey teaspoon, a tablespoon of sunflower seeds of a sunflower or a small amount of ready muesli, business will take a new turn. The dish becomes not only is more tasty, but also it is more useful, as will be saturated proteins, microcells and vitamins.

Banana ice-cream. One more exotic way to please is a preparation of fruit ice-cream. Take banana, cut it half-and-half and insert into each half a stick for ice-cream. After that dunk a dessert into the fat-free yogurt (where without it!) also put for a while in the freezing chamber. The eskimo is ready! In a finished product of only 80 C.

Baked potatoes with sauce. We were fond of stories about sweet delicacies, having absolutely forgotten that someone from you, probably, wants to eat something more essential. We already "baked" apples in the microwave oven, now it is a high time for potatoes. It is necessary to prepare a medium-sized root crop surely with a peel (previously having properly washed). The softened potato should be made an incision two perpendicular tenches that 4 segments revealing as a flower turned out. In the center of composition it is possible to add "snack" to the taste. Without damage to total caloric content it is easy to use a dessertspoon of the favourite sauce, moderate quantity of peas or corn, boiled vegetables (if is).

100 C contain in several salty crackers, one boiled egg, a small sandwich with boiled sausage or cheese – the range of such dishes is extremely wide. However choosing products for перекуса, try to prefer those from them which are most useful. It is not less important to remember laying – a small branch of greens, the beautiful plate and a cozy situation will add pleasures from food intake and will promote the fastest saturation.

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