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They died of AIDS

Every day about 5 000 people die of AIDS. By calculations for 2011, the progressing tendency of infection of HIV is observed - approximately each 6 seconds there is an infection of one healthy person, that is about 7 400 people per day from which 1000 are Read More

How to behave at spasms

Happens that on your eyes at the person spasms - sudden involuntary sharply painful attacks of reductions of the muscles, consciousnesses often being accompanied by loss develop. As a rule, it occurs to those who has epilepsy. But can be as well manifestation Read More

Remedy for racism is found?

The British doctors assumed that the reason of racism is the fear which can be blocked medicines. In particular, the propranolol which is applying to treatment of heart diseases. Scientists from Great Britain made experiment in which two groups on 18 people Read More