And well, gentlemen! Competition of recipes by March 8 proceeds.

And well, gentlemen! Competition of recipes by March 8 proceeds.Dear representatives of a strong half of mankind!

Competition «The most culinary!» proceeds.

On the threshold of a spring holiday on March 8 you can take part in it only.

Than you plan to indulge the soulmate in the day off? No, about traditional coffee with cakes in a bed cannot be and speeches. Here it is necessary to think up something more festive and at the same time – useful to health.

Want to make the darling (mother, the sister, the girlfriend) a safe gift by March 8? Send us the original recipe of a low-calorie dessert for lovely ladies (from fruit salad to nonalcoholic cocktail).

Lovely ladies! If your darling (the husband, the brother, the friend) yet is not the visitor of our portal, urgently ask it to be registered and take part in this competition!

In more detail about competition conditions "Most culinary" read here.

We wish good luck!

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