Alcoholism – a mental disease

Alcoholism - a mental diseaseAlcoholism – a disease mental. Doubt? And try to remember behavior of the patient with alcoholism during the aggravation periods. The "loony" "mad", "sick" and, certainly, "alcoholic" – here those epithets that to a bowl of all get to such drinking person because a way of life of the patient with the diagnosis «chronic alcoholism» is actually very far from the normal. Problems with alcohol to the last do not admit sick as a disease, especially mental. People try to find a justification to the acts and even can agree that they have any other psychiatric diagnosis, «and alcohol from them – the best medicine». It is paradoxical, but experts in narcology face it more than once.

Narcology as the area of medicine is not the self-sufficient direction, and a part of psychiatry and as the separate specialty was allocated only on the former Soviet space. In all other world treatment of the diseases caused by dependence on alcohol and other types of drugs, psychiatrists or psychotherapists are engaged.

The diagnosis narcological – treatment psychotherapeutic

Certainly, in treatment of alcoholic and drug addiction there are differences from therapy of other mental diseases. It includes the whole stages which are absent or are minimum expressed in treatment of patients with other diagnoses. Treatment of the abstinentny syndrome arising at rather sharp cancellation of alcohol or other psychoactive substance, on qualitative signs it is more correct to carry to toxicological treatment, most likely. The exit from hard drinking from medical positions of special complications does not cause. Because at this stage leading tasks are far from recovery of mentality.

The general plan of therapy of a sharp alcoholic condition includes:

  • The fastest, but a safe conclusion from an organism of poisonous products of a metabolism of alcohol
  • Switching (restoration) of a natural metabolism for work without participation of toxins, that is removal of sharp manifestations of physical withdrawal pains
  • Stabilization of work of systems of an internal for ensuring natural processes of activity. This stage of treatment of alcoholic dependence also on the main external signs can be carried to it is general therapeutic, however the psychiatric and psychotherapeutic help as the physical condition of the patient already allows it to perceive such intervention here is already possible and pertinent. Fixing of a natural metabolism for work without абстинента, systematic decrease in physical draft.
  • Knocking over (correction) of pathological changes in physiological mechanisms of life support of an organism of the patient with alcoholism.
  • Psychotherapeutic bookmark and formation of mental motivator on a constant reinforcement of the correct relation to alcohol, as to poison as a hobby and bodies.

Exception or even insufficient work on the last task – to mental impact on an essence of an alcoholic disease, will lead to that at return of the person possessing problems with alcohol to an everyday life, the disease will be shown again and, most likely, will develop in heavier form. So usually also chronic alcoholism is formed – the diagnosis at which not to recognize the fact of abuse as alcohol it is already impossible.

It is obvious that treatment of the patient testing unreasonable bent for to a glass, should proceed and further. Rehabilitation of alcoholics, and socially and psychologically correctly carried out is necessary. Competent and consecutive work on development and fixing of mental, social and psychological stability of the patient before alcohol intake is necessary. In an ideal the corresponding conditions – the rehabilitation center or regular collaboration of the patient with the doctor-psychotherapist or the psychiatrist are for this purpose necessary.

Essence of alcoholism as mental disease clearly follows from its genesis. Emergence, formation of alcoholic dependence obviously indicate its mental nature. Certainly, physical symptoms of alcoholism are an important part of a clinical picture, but as practice shows, an approach to this phenomenon as it is pure to a physical illness and attempts to cure it in the medicamentous way, especially is independent, are doomed to a failure.

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