Polimorbidnost – a consequence of a poliprogmaziya

Polimorbidnost – a consequence of a poliprogmaziyaOn February 15 finished the work debatable club «Clinical value of medicinal interactions – reality or fiction?», passing in a framework of the All-Russia Congress of experts in internal diseases. Practising doctors and scientists shared the reasons concerning appointment mechanisms to patients of various medicines.

As it appeared, today to 90 % of patients receive on 5 and more preparations at the same time. As a result of it patients have the highest risk of development of side effects of a poliprogmaziya. Statistically, purpose of 2 medicinal forms in at one time gives risk in 3-5 %, and 5 preparations already 20 %. Experts called a polimorbidnost (development of several diseases in one person) an illness of the XXI century. They noted that each found disease causes purpose of at least two new drugs. It is simple to guess that the amount of mixtures constantly collects as a snowball moreover and patients "add" methods of self-treatment and traditional medicine in the general moneybox. Medicinal interactions developing in such situation lead to decrease in efficiency of pharmacotherapy. For this reason, scientists draw a conclusion, in daily practice of treatment doctors do not manage to come nearer to the results received during research of a preparation.

The most dangerous preparations participants of discussion considered nonsteroid anti-inflammatory preparations (NPVP) which increase arterial pressure, increase risk of changes and render other types of negative influence on an organism. In case of purpose of NPVP in a compartment with other medicinal forms before defeat of a liver and failures in work of cardiovascular system of the patient there is one step. The second and third liver and superfluous pair of kidneys will be necessary for the correct metabolizirovaniye for the patient – differently not to process surplus of pharmacological substances.

In this regard experts urged doctors not to forget about methods of prevention of the negative medicinal interactions consisting in purpose of nizkodozovy combinations (minimum effective doses, minimum short course), an exception of the medicines appointed not on indications and old preparations with unproven efficiency. Besides, it is not necessary to use collateral actions of tablets. And, certainly, always it is necessary to analyze carefully the instruction to a preparation.

In the light of all aforesaid special charm gets the statement of one of participants of discussion, the professor O. M. Drapkina: «War against diseases, as well as any other war, leads inadvertent losses».

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